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Axis Technology provides consulting services on energy efficiency and sustainability for plastic processors worldwide.

Axis Technology has the technical knowledge and experience to achieve energy savings in all manufacturing processes.

We contribute to complement our customer’s knowledge and skills to achieve the best result.

Consultoría en Eficiencia Energética

Why a Consultant?

Consulting services allow you to outsource a part of the activity which is not the core business of the company.

These services can be used whenever they are required, without the overhead cost of any dedicated full-time staff.

Our consulting services bring the expertise & knowledge from the practical implementation of many different projects in the plastics industry.

At Axis Technology we make available more than 25 years experience in the industry at your service.

We provide our services worldwide. It suits well with multinational companies with factories in several countries that want to have the same baseline for all of them.

Who is using our Services?

Efficient Companies

Those that are not efficient, rarely detect the need to improve.

No full-time Costs

Companies that want to keep reduced overhead costs, but still having  the best-in-class expert knowledge.

Complementary Knowledge

Companies that want to complement their internal knowledge with an external different vision.


Companies that want to get all the existing experiences in the market in terms of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

Improvement speed-up

Companies that want to accelerate their improvement process, using a service that will allow to detect, assess, quantify and prioritize.

Are you one of these companies?

If you think we can help to quickly improve your Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, do not hesitate to contact us.

What happens if an Energy Optimization and Sustainability System is already in place?

80% of the advanced companies worldwide have a program in place to optimize energy use and improve sustainability somehow.

These programs can be “true programs” (with obvious actions and results), or “image programs” (only on paper, but very little in reality).

Our work is not only fully compatible with existing optimization programs, but also enhances them, providing knowledge and experiences.

The consequence of implementing actions that have already delivered results in other companies, is an acceleration to achieve the results.

What can we provide?

We make available more than 25 years of experience in the industry, at your disposal.

We distinguish ourselves by deepening and detailing each of the areas that will facilitate energy savings and sustainability of your company.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

We will use our knowledge and experience for our customers, in order to achieve energy savings and improve sustainability.


There will not be too much talking or meeting room. We like to be in the shopfloor for several days to measure and find improvement opportunities.

This not just about LED lights, and a lot of observation and measurements are needed.


Our latest activities have provided savings of 24%, and ROI’s of less than 1 year.

Other similar activities in the market are around 5%-10%, and over 3 years.


Customers / Success Stories

Feedback from our Customers

The workshop performed by Axis Technology allowed us to identify the potential improvement to be implemented, in terms of energy efficiency.

Thanks to the analysis done during these days, the basic concepts of the shop-floor activity and the practical approach allowed the different stakeholders of energy use to identify improvement opportunities, which in some cases require a minimal or no investment all. No doubt, their contribution has been very positive.

Maurizio Marangoni

Managing Director, Wisecap Spain

In these days, where Energy Efficiency is more than present in our day to day business and make part of the decisions that are taken for new projects and investments, the job carried out by Axis Technology has a very positive impact.

The external vision of our processes and procedures, and that we consider as normal, has provided a large number of improvement opportunities. It is also very positive that not all of them require large investments, but a better use of the equipment and tools that we have.

Although the implementation with the staff of certain measures is not simple, the shop-floor assessment gives us a real picture of what is happening in the plant, and allow our managers to focus the efforts on the highest impact actions.

A very good starting point for the energy optimization of our plant.

Alejandro Martínez

Technical Manager, Schoeller Allibert

To improve the Energy Efficiency situation, we need to understand the starting point of the company. Very often we want to reduce energy consumption without measuring the impact of every action. The approach of Axis Technology creates a model and applies a methodology, so once the starting point is known, we can implement a plan and monitor the results. For us, this has been key in energy improvement.

The vast majority of the necessary actions do not require large investments and save large amounts of energy. The methodology is very practical and involves all the necessary actors so that they become aware of the importance of energy saving

César Bernal

Chief Technical Officer, SP Group

Improving energy consumption through optimum efficiency is becoming increasingly important. In the current circumstances, it is absolutely essential.

The work carried out with Axis Technology has allowed us to find a new perspective, very practical, where the participation of the entire company and continuous improvement prevails, instead of making very expensive investments with long returns on investment. Being able to establish a model, valid for any industry, that allows you to know where you are and where you can land with each implemented action is the perfect starting point for the improvement we seek. And all this thanks to Jesús’ experience in multiple industrial sectors.

Juan Losada

Plant Manager, Adler Pelzer Group

The result of the common work with Axis Technology could be described with two words: good service.

Very deep and practical customer focused energy analysis, effective workshop with the site’s team resulting in better understanding the challenges and increasing the knowledge of Energy Efficiency as well as a detailed definition of the engineering and organizational actions to get immediate and long-term results.

Velislav Bakardjiev

General Manager, Rompa CZ. Used the services of Axis Technology in his previous role as General Manager of Aspel Slovakia.

This workshop has brought and will bring a lot in the future, and it is true that it has been a different activity, with a very practical approach, focused on the shop-floor activity, and with Jesús’ experience in different industry fields. Very complete

Adrián Téllez

Operations Manager, Borgers Group

The training received by Axis Technology increased the knowledge level about Energy Efficiency, and also the awareness of all the people involved in energy usage. This activity must involve each single part of the organization. Everyone has a role to play in this game.

José Antonio Groba

Plant Manager, Faurecia

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