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Improving Energy Efficiency in plastics and polymers processing


We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

We will use our knowledge and experience for our customers, in order to achieve energy savings.


Detailed Work

There will not be too much tie or too much meeting room. We like to be in the shopfloor for several days to measure and find improvement opportunities. This not just about LED lighting and a lot of observation and measurements are required.

Return of investment less than 1 year

Our latest activities have provided savings of 24%, and ROI’s of less than 1 year. Other similar activities in the market are around 5%-10%, and over 3 years.

Energy Efficiency Services

Energy Efficiency Workshops

It is the most requested service and also the most complete one.

It is a 360º Workshop on Energy Efficiency, where all aspects that have to do with energy use are assessed. Both, technical and organizational aspects are considered.

After the previous workshop preparation, the shop-floor activity will last between 2 and 5 days. Firstly, the plant is modeled finding the drivers for energy use, and then the necessary measurements and observations are made in the shop-floor.

This activity usually includes the measurement of the CO2 footprint.

In the course of the activity, the staff receives practical training.

The Energy Efficiency Workshops include most of the other consulting services related to Energy Efficiency.

We are familiar with all technologies like injection, extrusion, thermoforming, extrusion and injection blowing, compression, rotomoulding, foaming, etc.

Energy Eficiency Workshop step by step

Creación del Modelo de Eficiencia Energética
The Model

A model is created that relates energy consumption to process variables. You can have one or more variables. It is about knowing how much energy I should consume for a given increase in activity.

Revisión de los contratos energéticos

We review the contracting conditions, invoices, charges, etc. We propose cheaper alternatives for conditions that meet the need. It’s about having just what you need, no more and no less.

Costes de generación de refrigeración

We quantify the cost of generating cooling. We analyze the suitability of the system and propose improvements at different levels, with different investments. We value the impact and return of each action.

Generación de aire comprimido en la industria
Compressed Air

We value the cost of generating compressed air. We apply a very specific methodology to minimize consumption and optimize generation. We value the impact and return of each action.

Pérdidas térmicas por mal aislamiento en la industria

We calculate the losses due to lack of insulation. We propose systems to minimize losses. We value the impact and return of each action.

Eficiencia Energética de la iluminación en la industria

With our own methodology, we analyze the current situation, determine the suitability of what exists, and promote alternatives. We value the impact of the proposal.

Eficiencia Energética de los motores eléctricos en la industria
Electric Motors

We will review current electric motors and their operating cost. We will compare with the benchmark and propose alternatives, assessing impact and return on investment.

Análisis de procesos en la industria

We will analyze the processes, not only from a technical point of view, but also from an organizational one. We will propose improvements together with the client’s team.

Our Energy Efficiency Workshops are the most complete and advanced in the market.

You can start saving and training your team on energy efficiency right now.

Technical Validations

They are specific assessments on one or more machines or processes, and allow to perform several types of analysis:

  • Actual Efficiency 85% 85%
  • Sales (catalogue) Efficiency 95% 95%

New Machines

When you buy a new machine:

Actual Efficiency


Sales (catalogue) Efficiency


  • New Machine Efficiency 80% 80%
  • Old Machine Efficiency 65% 65%

Machine Age

Similar machine comparison:

New Machine Efficiency


Old Machine Efficiency


  • Machine A Type Efficiency 90% 90%
  • Machine B Type Efficiency 75% 75%

Similar Machines

New similar machines comparison:

Machine A Type Efficiency


Machine B Type Efficiency


  • Machine under A settings 75% 75%
  • Machine under B settings 95% 95%

Conditions Test

Different Proccess Settings Analysis:

Machine under A settings


Machine under B settings


These assessments allow to gather information about different machine types, models, settings, etc.

In-house Training

We carry out in-house tailored training adapted to each customer need. They can be focused on supplies, process, management, modeling, etc., or even full & complete training.

We are flexible and can adapt the training sessions to the availability and organization of the customer.

This type of training sessions allow to standardize the level of training of all the staff in the site, and is recommended when the number of attendees is over 5-7 people.

Formaciones Energéticas in-house
Formaciones Programadas en Consultoría Energética

Programed Training

Axis Technology provides regular training, both in collaboration with different organizations, and self-organized.

It is usually carried out under the ‘on-line’ format, and they a are ‘sort’ of workshop driven: high degree of participation by the attendees, explaining their experience.

Due-Diligence Processes

Axis Technology participates in due diligence processes, not only to verify the legal compliance regarding energy, but also to understand the potential for improvement of the company. We also contribute to the understanding of what is the level of investment to achieve the calculated savings.

Procesos de Due Dilligence Energético
Medición de fugas de gases o aire comprimido en proceso de consultoría energética

Compressed Air and Gas Leak Measurement

Axis technology performs compressed air and other gas (e.g. ammonia in large cooling systems) leak measurement. We firstly make the ‘leak hunt’, and a cost evaluation of the actual leak level. In addition, the plant is guided on the actions to reduce them, and the implementation of a system to keep the reduced level under control.

Technical and computer tools are used to measure and quantify the leak level.


If you need to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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